Our Story

After finishing my education I followed my passion and found employment in the Fashion Industry.  My first job involved working for a large local retailer.  I loved the job and everything it entailed from steaming garments, dressing the stores windows and the mannequins and soon progressed into merchandising and buying.

When I became a first time mum I wasn’t able to commit to the demands of the job so with a very heavy heart I had to leave the fashion industry and find something that would work around my family life.

After having my other two children and having to sit at home like many others during the ‘Lockdowns’ I decided to convert our integral garage.  We had this idea for a while and with time on our hands we finely got it done.  The kids wanted the new space for a games room, but when it was painted and carpeted etc I stood there and thought about what to do with the added space, this was the point my idea of getting back into fashion hit me.

After a long chat with my husband about the costs and risks that would be involved he thought it was a fantastic idea and well worth the risk.  I got to work researching and before long I ‘bit the bullet’ and The Secret Room and The Doll Haus Boutique was born.  I wanted to try and be a little different from other boutiques and that is why we have The Doll Haus side.  The Doll Haus is a range of ‘going out’ clothing and occasion wear, whereas The Secret Room is for more casual everyday wear.

The most important thing for me is I want to be able to offer all my customers quality affordable fashion.  My journey hasn’t been easy but I can say with ‘hand on heart’ I have enjoyed every minute of it.

My Mum Christine renamed now by our followers on Facebook as ‘Mamma C’ joined the business after about 12 months, once I had convinced her she would be a great addition.  We have been a team ever since, if you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you can view our ‘Live ‘ Stock Drops at your leisure

We hope you enjoy browsing our website, watching our ‘Lives’ on Facebook and Instagram and of course visiting us at the Boutique where you will always receive a very warm welcome

We look forward to serving you

Kirsty and Mamma C